Cold Shower

Two nights ago, in one of my more benign dreams, I was awake, at home, taking a shower. Everything was normal and, in the moment, there wasn’t any indication of anything about my surroundings being unreal. For all intents and purposes, I was awake.

I’m standing in the shower and the water is pouring over me, around me, through me, and under me. I’ve turned the valve to the right for hot water but it’s still cold. This has never happened before and I somehow know it’s not a mechanical issue; the shower’s reluctance to grant me warm water is almost malicious. I have no idea why, I just know that I’ve turned the valve increasingly to the right and the water’s temperature has not yielded one degree in the right direction.

I’m cold, I’ve showered cold, and then woken up agitated yet fully aware that the distress I experienced in my sleep is mild. I’ve experienced worse and worse is yet to come.

© Leila Chammas, October 25, 2016